May. 2nd, 2011

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Last night's Presidential speech was a little political grandstanding and that's about it. Obama wanted to tweak Republican noses for doing something they'd been claiming they were going to do for an entire Republican presidency and had failed at. That he got to interrupt the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice (and then not go on until it would have been over anyway) was just a bonus. The event itself certainly wasn't worth the hoopla it garnered.

Think about what this little act of vengeance cost. 10 + years with the full weight of America's military and intelligence services, 2 wars (1 illegal), hundreds of thousands of civilians dead, 2 trillion dollars and erosion of our liberties at home, but hey we finally managed to kill one guy! The scary man is dead, can we have our national sanity back now?

We should have been treating this as police work from the beginning, but instead we declared "war" on a political tactic. Bin Laden is dead, repeal the Patriot Act. Bin Laden is dead, stop the idiocy of "security" screening at our airports. Bin Laden is dead, close Guantanamo like we thought was going to happen after Obama was elected. Lets return to the government following the rule of law. Let's bring the troops home and end these two idiotic, expensive wars.

That's not going to happen because terrorism is still out there, we're a bunch of terrified children and killing a figurehead isn't going to solve anything.


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