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People keep telling me the Green Line sucks. Most days I don't think it is all that bad. This morning wasn't "bad" per se, but it was very strange.

The train was crazy crowded this morning, probably because something happened that I've never seen before. I got on the front car, 'cause it has the single side-seats, the older style car and everything was normal, if a bit more crowded than usual, until around Brookline Village. Then there was this long delay, the train was turned on and off a few times, the car was PACKED. The doors opened again and a few more people forced their way on. I didn't think much of it until I got to Copley and got off the train. The second car was gone! It had been there when I was at Riverside! I have no idea what happened.


Apr. 20th, 2009 09:41 am
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What a crappy commute. Not because of the marathon though, because of the damn early Red Sox game! It took me over 1/2 an hour to park at Riverside. From now on I need to check when there's an early game and make sure I get to the parking lot earlier.

Go Orioles!


Apr. 17th, 2009 09:25 am
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I work right by Copley Plaza and this is apparently where the Boston Marathon ends. Much of the preperation is already done with a block closed to vehicular traffic and a tent set up over the road for the entire block. I'm coming in to work on Monday so that should be an interesting commute.

Yesterday as I was leaving work I passed a spread-out group of people as I walked to the train. They were walking in the opposite direction and obviously in town to compete in the Marathon as they were all wearing running suits. They were clearly a group, though separated, because they were all wearing the same style and color running suit. I immediately thought they were Kenyans because of the wonderful reputation the Kenyan people have for running marathons, but really they could have been from anywhere.

What struck me most was the expression and physical attitude of the man who was in front of the group. Some of the women behind him were chatting with one another and looking about, several others were just looking about. The man in front had the happiest look I'd ever seen on another person's face. An open-mouthed grin, eyes wide as he tried to take in everything at once, arms bent at the elbow so his hands were in front of his chest, below his chin, hands closed, but not tightly. It made me happy just to see his elation.

In the future if I'm ever feeling put out by the inconveniences of the Marathon, I'm just going to remember him and I won't mind any more.
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This morning, [ profile] emilytheslayer has no more classes, but was kind enough to get out of bed early and drive me to the train station. She dropped me off and as she drove away, I checked my pocket to make sure I had my train pass. To my horror, I realized I'd left my wallet on the shelf next to the computer. As I realized this, I saw [ profile] emilytheslayer turn the corner and head home. I would have called her, but my phone was sitting next to my wallet.
Nothing for it then, I walked back to the apartment, missing the train.
I'm pleased that she was also kind enough to drive me to the train station a second time where I caught the 8:05. At least it gave me some exercise (that I should have gotten in the first place by walking to the train station) and a chance to have breakfast.
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Dear Mothers With Small Children on the Subway,

It is considered inappropriate to ignore your children and allow them to grab at the testicles of strangers standing nearby. Please pay attention to your child and stop them from making such attempts.

Thanks You for your attention.



May. 14th, 2008 08:26 am
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When I got off the Orange Line this morning at State, the conductor used the pa system to say "CFA please come to the train". I've only heard them use it for stop announcements or delay announcements. What is "CFA"?


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