Aug. 7th, 2009 12:21 am
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So I'm at the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal. I got to shake someone's hand tonight and I'm still kind of excited about it. Who's hand did I shake?

Nobel Prize winning economist: Paul Krugman!


Feb. 17th, 2009 12:39 pm
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I attended Boskone this past weekend and as I frequently do at SF conventions where he's on a panel, I made a point of seeing Jordan Kare speak about space travel. He was on this panel with Geoffrey Landis. As is usually the case, they began by talking about launch technologies and only later began talking about interplanetary travel. They never did get to interstellar and only touched on interplanetary. I'm hoping that next time they start with interstellar and go back to launch.

Kare did describe one launch technology I'd never heard before, it involves the Grand Canyon.
Apparently one side of the top of the Grand Canyon is higher than the other. You put your craft on the lower edge and run a cable to the higher edge into a pulley system. You then attach a giant bucket of water to the end of the cable and let it drop. This will pull the craft across the canyon and launch it into the air. You detach the cable and have obtained the equivalent of a first stage rocket.

At the bottom of the canyon you open the bottom of the bucket to let the water out and haul the empty bucket it back up for another launch. He said this is a great 16th century launch system.
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I'll post more about Worldcon later. Yesterday we came home from the con and it was something of an ordeal. We got in a cab to go to the airport at 8 AM (10 AM EST). We arrived home at 1 AM EST today. We were supposed to arrive home around 9 PM yesterday.

If it were just weather problems it wouldn't be so bad. Part of our delay was because they had to reboot the plane. Yes, you read that right, they had to Reboot The PLANE. At first it was just one system they tried to reboot a few times. When that didn't work, they shut off everything in the plane and then turned everything on again in sequence. This too did not work so we all had to get out and get back in again. Seriously. In between our getting out and getting back in, maintenance came and fixed things.

Fortunately our connecting flight was also delayed and we managed to get home without renting a car. Others on our flight, including a family with 2 18 month olds, were not so lucky.

To demonstrate how tired I was, as I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep, the following popped into my mind.

Why does it take a lot of balls to touch someone in various ways to see if they laugh?

Because they're test tickles.
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He went to Schmidt's in Columbus today.

We didn't have time to go when I was there for Origins. We had plenty of other good food, but we didn't make it there.

Ah well.
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What I ate at the Refectory.

Pheasant Terrine
Kobe Beef and Veal Duet
Diet Coke
Lemon Bombe
Lemon Merangue Martini

We've been raving about this restaurant for almost 15 years. I'm so glad we went back. Jon was nervous as he didn't want his memories of the place tainted by a sub-par meal, but it was as good as our memories in every way. The food was exquisite, the service was perfect and the atmosphere wonderful. While the above list is what I ordered, we all sampled each other's food. [ profile] head58 was correct when he raved about his salmon. I've never had salmon so good.

The bread was warm and delicious. Rather than provide us a basket of bread, they came around and gave us each bread. When we finished, they came in and gave each of us more if we wanted it. There was soft butter on plates and this was replenished as well.

I heard [ profile] aliwings order a Heffeweissen and that's my afvorite kind of beer, so I got one as well. It had a pleasant hint of banana to it. I should try to find it again. Would that I could remember the name.

The Pheasant Terrine was as delicious as I remembered, but not as intense. I thnk that's more due to my having eaten a more varied and spiced diet in the intervening years than to any lessening of the taste of the terrine. Once again, thank you Lenny Henry for inspiring me to try this dish. Sure, I have it around once every 15 years, but I thoroughly enjoy it and I'd never have thought to try it if it weren't for Chef. There were different sauces and garnishes on the plate and each brought out a different flavor. It was like a dozen appetizers in one.

I almost didn't order the main dish that I got because it has veal on it. I haven't had veal in over 15 years. I finally caved in because it was something I wouldn't normally get, feel free to yell at me. It was delicious. There were different sauces on the Kobe beef and the veal, but you wouldn't know it to look at the plate. Both were as rare as I like them, tender and delicious. The sauce on the Kobe beef was smokier and each sauce complimented its meat perfectly.

The LemonBombe was light pastry in a dome shape with raspberry on the side There was a small amount of arspberry filling and sticking out of the top was a round, very flat almond cookie with the sides curved forward. It looked like the Phaeroh crown of desserts. It too was delicious and the lemon martini went well with it.

Finally, I finished with some 20 year old Remmy Martin XO Congac. It was quite good and gave me a strange buzz. Drunk without really feeling drunk. It was quite nice. This too I have around once every 15 years. Last time I had the more expensive kind, but this was still quite nice. This was the middle level.

As an added bonus, on the drive home we had a cabbie that thought I made funny jokes.

I'm so glad I packed my suit and we went to the Refectory. It was truly a lovely experience.
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First in a series of lists about the Origins convention
Items in Bold were official events, others were pick-up games.

Ticket to Ride: Switzerland
Zig Zag
10 Days in Asia
Blokus x2

Railroad Tycoon

Run for Your Life Candyman

Rail Baron x2

Ticket to Ride: 1910
Ticket to Ride: Mega

The Hanging Gardens (Demo)

Part of a Descent game
Imperial (Demo)
The Hanging Gardens

I may have missed some games in there. I'll post more in detail about what was done and what was fun. Other lists that are coming up include What I Bought and What I Ate at the Refectory.
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I had my first day of work this past Friday. It went better than most jobs. They had a cube and computer ready for me. They got me an ID badge, login ID, phone and most of the software I'll need on the first day. This coming week I'll get to find out what the program is currently like and what they want to do to change it. The week after I go to Origins. When I come back I start fixing things. Should be fun.


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