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I was going to make a filter for this, but as I was going through I realized I didn't really know who to put on there.

Anyway, as many of you know, the lovely [ profile] mebib will be leaving us soon to transmogrify into the lovely [ profile] mebip. As I've enjoyed going to karaoke with her on numerous occasions, I'd like to suggest we go again before she leaves.

This weekend is too short notice and I'll be away the weekend of the 27th. I would therefore like to suggest the following dates:
6/19, 6/20, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/10, 7/11

If people would like, I can make a poll for voting purposes on dates. [ profile] mebib herself will have her opinion weighted most strongly.

Does this sound like a good idea? [ profile] mebib, would you like to do this?
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I've entered a weight-loss challenge with [ profile] urnesha and [ profile] kaisilverwolf to lose 15 lbs by the time of their visit: The first weekend in March.

This week is going to be a tough one. Tonight dinner with friends, tomorrow is [ profile] mjhockabout's birthday with pizza, Saturday is another gathering of people with dinner included in the plans and Sunday is the Superbowl at [ profile] rayan4d2 and [ profile] ioianthe's place. There's no way I'm missing [ profile] rayan4d2's chili.

This does not bode well.


Aug. 25th, 2008 10:34 am
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Pete came up! Hooray! And I believe he also made it home again!

We had a day of gaming, thanks to all who came and to [ profile] aliwings and [ profile] head58 for hosting.

I played Mwahahaha!, Formula De and Wealth of Nations. Also played were Hanging Gardens and some Rock Balancing Game that Pete brought. Also Rock Band in the Basement (where it belongs).

Pete wanted to play Titan, so naturally I couldn't find it.

[ profile] head58 grilled for us and that was fine indeed.

Wealth of Nations is quite a good game. It will likely go faster in the future as we now know how to play.

We started the day of gaming at around 3 PM and left at around 3 AM. A solid day indeed.

Sunday morning Pete and I played some Madden 09 on the XBox and then [ profile] emilytheslayer and I took him to Wild Willy's for lunch.

Now to get [ profile] wizadrru (and family) and [ profile] hagbardc (and family) and Pete again up here for the minicon thing this fall.
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[ profile] head58 and [ profile] aliwings have graciously agreed to host a gaming day party! My friend Pete is coming up that weekend for a day of gaming, so come one, come all to the gaming extravaganza!

Pete hasn't gotten to play as many games as he'd like recently and he has some free time as his wife and kids are in Japan until the end of the month. There might possibly even be some barbecuing going on! Maybe.

So think about what games you want to play and reply here if you intend to come.

Further details will follow.
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Since there's been very little interest show, I think I'll postpone bowling until next weekend. I'll make a reminder post mid-week to see if anyone wants to come.

Sorry [ profile] cityofbeige!
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[ profile] cityofbeige has reminded me, tomorrow is "next Saturday". Rather, it is when I'd suggested we might all go bowling. I'd completely forgotten, but would still like to go.

Who's in? If yes, say so in the comments.

Bowling tomorrow?


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