Smell Test

Jul. 8th, 2009 03:51 pm
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Whenever you're trying to determine mathamatically how delicious or disgusting something is, always remember to divide by how it smells.

Scientists call this the Olifactor.
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I went outside a few minutes ago and walked across Copley Square for a snack. I then walked back to the Hancock Tower where I work. When I got back inside I noticed the strangest thing: I wasn't wet! I didn't bring an umbrella or a coat or anything! When I got back to my office I walked to the East Windows and the sky looked very strange indeed. Most of the sky was a normal, reassuring grey with bits of darker grey and bits of white, but there was a patch! A strange patch of color! Color in the sky! It was... blue. BLUE!

What could this mean?
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I was reading Newsweek here at work and I strongly suggest people read it this week. Stephen Colbert is the guest editor and he's quite hilarious. He took over the Editorial, displays his "edited" version of the back page opinion piece and replaced all the letters in the reader's letters with fake letters from him that he'd "written over the years, but hadn't gotten published."

My favorite of his letters include the one from 1933 that notes he hasn't been born yet and the one from the 80s congratulating Reagan on his invasion of Grenada. He says that'll put these tiny island nations on notice that they can't invade the USA. He closes that with "Trinidad, I'm looking at you! (Tobago, we're still good)"

He also mocks Time a few times, not least of which when he claims he killed what would have been Newsweek's headline "Hey, Have You Heard About This Thing Called 'Twitter?' "
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The reason I asked my question yesterday about famous vs well known.

I was reading comments on someone's post and [ profile] mgrasso said something that ended with the phrase "happy go lucky".

And I thought

Ah, Happy Golucky, the less famous, but better known cousin of Holly Golightly.

And I started wondering if that middle part made any sense to anyone but me.

New Friends

Jun. 7th, 2009 09:14 pm
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A few years ago I heard on the radio that between Memorial Day and Labor day weekends, Americans eat something like 6 billion hot dogs. Yes, 6,000,000,000. This number seemed large to me, so I divided it by an approximate American population and determined how many hot dogs that was per man, woman and child. I increased the estimate to account for vegitarians, the very young and freaks who don't like hot dogs.

The number was 26. Naturally I wanted to see if I was doing my part like a Good American, so I kept track over the summer, along with a few friends. Turns out, most of us that first year were NOT Good Americans. We fell short individually.

Since that first year we've had the lj group [ profile] dogs_of_summer where we all post how many hot dogs we eat as we eat them so we'll have running totals and can either keep track or goad ourselves into eating the proper amount.

This year, [ profile] head58 (who looked up the numbers) has declared the number to be 30.

I've gained a bunch of new friends since we first started keeping track, so I thought I'd post here and invite people who haven't yet joined to come on over and keep track with us. One of the benefits of the community, for people who like hot dogs, is finding new places for hot dogs and telling others about them. You can always just lurk and find some good hot dog stands for yourself.
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Found this on-line today

Boiled down to essentials, a nervous system enables the organism to succeed in the four F's: feeding, fleeing, fighting and reproducing.


May. 26th, 2009 09:05 am
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Sadly, gay marriage has been scientifically shown to cause earthquakes

We're safe up here in MA 'cause there's no major faultlines, but California? Dooom!


May. 21st, 2009 03:06 pm
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Who does this remind me of?


May. 21st, 2009 09:55 am
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I have a number of friends in the Boston area that are, if not obsessed by zombies, at least interested in or amused by them.
I thought you'd like to know the local cops are prepared and ready to keep you safe from zombies or at least up to date on their status.


May. 20th, 2009 07:45 pm
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I use yahoo mail and I'm really starting to think it is time to switch to google mail. The creepy sex ads in Yahoo are getting worse. At first it was just ads for dating services. Then it was ads for on-line char dating services where even the ads had buxom women yelling "NO" at the person they were supposedly chatting with. If that wasn't creepy and disturbing enough, the latest are called "Seductive Singles" with the tag line "Young Women looking for Older Men". Why not just call the site Sugar Daddies or Long Term Prostitution?

The ads are vile enough that it might be worth the pain of changing my address on all the sites where it is my contact info.

Also, one of their most recent side-banner ads is below. Can anyone tell me why she's trying to eat her own face? Are Auto-Cannibals hot this year?

Movie idea

May. 17th, 2009 11:04 pm
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Ben Stiller is infected with a strange, experimental virus that turns him into a woman, perhaps Jannine Garafalo or Drew Barrymore or Tina Fey (or another, you suggest)
His voice is the inner thoughts throughout the movie.
Title of the movie:

Ben Her
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A general warning to everyone who eats and drinks.
6 Kirin beers at Shabu Shabu are probably 2 too many.
In such cases, one should probably listed to [ profile] jeffwik and stop at 4 (or when you can no longer remember how to say "Kirin")
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I just got a fundraising email that begins

Dear (Lynxreign's real name)

Barak Obama is a better man than me.

and ends

James Carville

What more can be said?
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You should hang it on your office door.
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The Hindenburg Uncertainty Principle

People who are not making reliable observations can end up in tragedy. There is an equal chance over time that they will or will not end horribly. Until the non-observer is observed, they are both horribly ended and safe.

The observer of the non-observer will not know if they should state "Oh the Humanity" or not until the observation is made.


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