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Fortunately, [ profile] animated_max reminded me.

In under 1/2 an hour it'll be

12:34:56 7/8/9
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Here's another chart I like.
You'll likely need to know petabyte within a decade.


Apr. 14th, 2009 09:26 am
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Entries like this one make the nerd in me very happy.
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Franken lead Coleman by 225 votes.
Coleman (after stating when he was ahead that Franken should just drop out) has complained and whinged and brought the vote to court. He complained and won the admission of 351 more absentee ballots into the count. He thought those would help him and they have now been counted and added into the vote totals.
Franken leads Coleman by 312 votes.
If Coleman keeps pushing Franken will eventually have a landslide victory.
Coleman should drop out now.
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And I made a pie. It will be eaten on Saturday. It is lemon merangue.

I am tempted to make this pie for [ profile] head58.

The blog entry also has what I like to think will become [ profile] emilytheslayer's motto for the day: nom nom nom!
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As many of you know, I've been keeping track of the mileage I've been getting in the Prius. I've kept track of miles, mpg, cost per gallon and per tank and the number of gallons per fillup. I'm currently at 146 fill-ups over 61,000 miles. This has let me make some interesting calculations.

Calculations and graphs behind cut )


Feb. 19th, 2009 09:13 am
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From Nate Silver at He predicted the election quite well, here are his Oscar predictions


Nov. 11th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Hey look! They fixed it!
I logged into LJ today and before I did I saw the ad that I complained about before only now it has the correct answer as one of the options!

I'm totally taking credit for this.
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Why would I take their IQ test when they can't even get the teaser questions right?

I was looking at an electoral prediction site when this ad came up under the "quote of the day". These counting things have often amused me, so I counted. How many triangles are there?


Do you see 48 in the answers? Is there one even close?

These are likely the same idiots that have the ads trying to goad you into taking their test with "Bush has an IQ of 140" or "McCain has an IQ of 130" or "Palin has an IQ of 120"
followed by "Are you smarter than him/her"?

They probably make up those numbers. Then again, if those numbers are generated from those people taking these tests? The results might be right, but the questions are wrong.

And yes, I'm aware that it is possibly wrong on purpose to get jackasses like me clicking through to tell them they're wrong. However, I don't care if they know they're wrong.


Sep. 19th, 2008 02:34 pm
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An AP news article
The fuel economy of new cars and trucks is up in 2008, but the government says an increase in sales of smaller vehicles because of high gas prices may push fuel-efficiency numbers even higher.

The Environmental Protection Agency said Friday that the average fuel economy of cars and trucks was 20.8 miles per gallon in 2008, up 0.2 mpg compared with 2007 model year vehicles.

The estimates were based on sales projections made before gas prices rose, so the EPA expects final fuel-efficiency numbers to be higher.

Honda lead the way with a projected 23.6 mpg, followed by Toyota with 23.4 mpg. Hyundai was third with 22.6 mpg.

Among domestic automakers, General Motors was at 19.6 mpg, Ford had an estimated 19 mpg and Chrysler came in at 18.9 mpg.

That's pathetic!

0.2 mpg

And American manufacturers still haven't broken 20 mpg? You have to be kidding! Honda, Toyota and Hyundai aren't showing great numbers, but they are at least in the low to mid 20s.

I would have thought they'd have hit the low 30s by now. They've been at these low numbers for nigh-on 30 years!
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There are only 4 brown ones in the whole bag!
5 red
9 yellow
11 orange
13 blue
14 green

Such an odd distribution.
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I was in the men's room a few minutes ago and heard the janitor talking to a patron. He seemed to be telling the guy about his new grandkid. The Janitor is from somewhere in Europe and told the guy the new kid weighed "4 kilos". The guy paused a second and said "That's like 10 pounds!" The janitor said "no, no, 7 pounds." This went back and forth a time or two and as I was leaving, I couldn't resist. I said "A kilo is 2.2 pounds". They were happy to agree on it.
When I got to the deli to get lunch, I saw the sign said "Main Lobster Bisque" I asked to make sure they meant Maine and they did, so I told them they needed an E.
Yes, I know, I'm a busybody/annoying pain.
However, when I got back to my desk, I wanted to be sure I told people the correct things. I looked up Kilograms to Pounds" on Google and yes, it is a little over 2.2 lbs.
Then I clicked Maps to ensure I'd spelled Maine correctly.
This is what I saw
I thought [ profile] head58 would be interested.
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When plans are first being made, they're formative.
When there's only one or two things left to check, they're tentative.
When they're solidified, what are they? Twentytwotative?


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