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Just how closely related are you to your cat?

Now you can have a shirt that lets everyone know!
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Do you remember this post? In it, a Mt. Holyoke professor endorsed a really crappy biology book. I held out hope that he hadn't actually hadn't endorsed it and he hadn't!.
In response to an inquiry, he stated:

The answer is No. I never authorized using any endorsement by me of Stuart Pivar's book. I did hear that something of the sort might happen and called to prevent it, but I was too late.

Murray Gell-Mann
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And something else to keep [ profile] head58 out of the water.

Scientists are now discovering that the top hundredth-inch of the ocean is somewhat like a sheet of jelly. And this odd habitat, thinner than a human hair, is home to an unusual menagerie of microbes.

This layer helps with the transfer of gasses into the oceans. As once scientists says "It’s the ocean breathing through its skin"
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Fortunately, [ profile] animated_max reminded me.

In under 1/2 an hour it'll be

12:34:56 7/8/9


Jun. 26th, 2009 08:26 am
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For [ profile] inochinoakari and [ profile] qahawthorne (and others who like that sort of thing).

As seen from space
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Here are some neat articles on how fingers develop including how 3 digit limbs and 5 digit limbs develop from the same start and a dinosaur transitional fossil that illustrates the development.


New Friends

Jun. 7th, 2009 09:14 pm
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A few years ago I heard on the radio that between Memorial Day and Labor day weekends, Americans eat something like 6 billion hot dogs. Yes, 6,000,000,000. This number seemed large to me, so I divided it by an approximate American population and determined how many hot dogs that was per man, woman and child. I increased the estimate to account for vegitarians, the very young and freaks who don't like hot dogs.

The number was 26. Naturally I wanted to see if I was doing my part like a Good American, so I kept track over the summer, along with a few friends. Turns out, most of us that first year were NOT Good Americans. We fell short individually.

Since that first year we've had the lj group [ profile] dogs_of_summer where we all post how many hot dogs we eat as we eat them so we'll have running totals and can either keep track or goad ourselves into eating the proper amount.

This year, [ profile] head58 (who looked up the numbers) has declared the number to be 30.

I've gained a bunch of new friends since we first started keeping track, so I thought I'd post here and invite people who haven't yet joined to come on over and keep track with us. One of the benefits of the community, for people who like hot dogs, is finding new places for hot dogs and telling others about them. You can always just lurk and find some good hot dog stands for yourself.
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Just fine, thanks. I'm looking forward to more and more women in the sciences.
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Found this on-line today

Boiled down to essentials, a nervous system enables the organism to succeed in the four F's: feeding, fleeing, fighting and reproducing.
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A country song by a glam band about the relativistic effects of travelling near the speed of light.

39 - Queen

Such a sad song.


May. 26th, 2009 09:05 am
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Sadly, gay marriage has been scientifically shown to cause earthquakes

We're safe up here in MA 'cause there's no major faultlines, but California? Dooom!
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Have chickens?
Need dinosaurs?
How to build a dinosaur
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New clues have been discovered in the search for how life began.
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Researchers have found a genetic link to autism for the first time. It isn't for a large population, but it is a start and should help future research.


Apr. 29th, 2009 02:55 pm
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In presenting or arguing science, consistency is important. Climate change is an important example of how we want to take anecdotal evidence and use it as proof of a real theory or as an argument against it.

During winter, the climate change deniers frequently trot out the idiocy of "How can there be Global Warming. It is snowing outside!" All this does is illustrate that they don't understand what they're talking about. "Global Warming" or climate change doesn't mean that suddenly everywhere in the world it is a desert or even too warm for snow.

Tempting though it may be, one can not use the recent days of record temperatures to say "Look! Global Warming! I told you so!" as these too are isolated incidents. The truth lies in long-term data trends, world-wide effects and in models that show that some areas might get more snow than normal or more severe weather of all kinds.

But I am human and I do get that impulse from time to time. The best thing is to squash it.


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