Jun. 5th, 2009 10:02 am
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OK, I really need to switch to GMail. At least I do if someone can assure me that I won't be getting creepy ads over there. Yahoo mail is just a step away from advertising prostitution at this point. Hell, I'd prefer if they did, that'd be less creepy than the sex ads I'm getting now.

Today's new entry into the "dating" ads that appear in my email is for a site called "Established Men". The subtitle for this site is actually "Sugar Daddy Dating".

Why oh why am I getting these ads? What have I done that would direct these to me? Is it just because I'm male and of a certain age? I don't think Yahoo has any other information about me. I tried to look up their ad system and found other people complaining about it only to be told by Yahoo that we can't request any changes to what ads we receive. That seems inane to me, wouldn't the point of advertising be to get people ads they are likely to respond to?


May. 20th, 2009 07:45 pm
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I use yahoo mail and I'm really starting to think it is time to switch to google mail. The creepy sex ads in Yahoo are getting worse. At first it was just ads for dating services. Then it was ads for on-line char dating services where even the ads had buxom women yelling "NO" at the person they were supposedly chatting with. If that wasn't creepy and disturbing enough, the latest are called "Seductive Singles" with the tag line "Young Women looking for Older Men". Why not just call the site Sugar Daddies or Long Term Prostitution?

The ads are vile enough that it might be worth the pain of changing my address on all the sites where it is my contact info.

Also, one of their most recent side-banner ads is below. Can anyone tell me why she's trying to eat her own face? Are Auto-Cannibals hot this year?

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Now who does this remind me of...

Possibly nsfw. Just the text would be nsfw.
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Last night I kept alternating between sex dreams and nightmares. Come to think of it, that'd be a great album name. Anyway, this has been true of the last 2 nights and they keep waking me up. It is all very annoying.

I'd much prefer more dreams like the one I had a few nights ago where I was bicycling through the Philadelphia countryside circa 1770 with Ben Franklin. We were discussing constitutional theory and practice.

Of course that dream left me wondering why they called it a "Constitution". Was this a word in use at the time? Did they create the word from other English words or derive it from Latin? If it was in use at the time, what was it being used for?


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