Jun. 5th, 2009 10:02 am
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OK, I really need to switch to GMail. At least I do if someone can assure me that I won't be getting creepy ads over there. Yahoo mail is just a step away from advertising prostitution at this point. Hell, I'd prefer if they did, that'd be less creepy than the sex ads I'm getting now.

Today's new entry into the "dating" ads that appear in my email is for a site called "Established Men". The subtitle for this site is actually "Sugar Daddy Dating".

Why oh why am I getting these ads? What have I done that would direct these to me? Is it just because I'm male and of a certain age? I don't think Yahoo has any other information about me. I tried to look up their ad system and found other people complaining about it only to be told by Yahoo that we can't request any changes to what ads we receive. That seems inane to me, wouldn't the point of advertising be to get people ads they are likely to respond to?
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Two musical items of note:

  1. Gwen Stefani has reunited with No Doubt and they're on tour
  2. of Montreal, a band I like, has a new song called Teenage Unicorn Fisting

Sadly, I doubt the No Doubt tour will be worth seeing.

I need to hear that song. How very strange.

This is what I get for leafing through Rolling Stone.


May. 21st, 2009 09:55 am
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I have a number of friends in the Boston area that are, if not obsessed by zombies, at least interested in or amused by them.
I thought you'd like to know the local cops are prepared and ready to keep you safe from zombies or at least up to date on their status.


Jul. 10th, 2008 03:08 pm
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I wonder if this means [ profile] head58 will be taking a weekend jaunt to London...
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I only remember an image from the dream last night. Sadly it had nothing to do with the game from the other night. The image was of men in suits walking. However, instead of heads they had coconut trees. And instead of coconuts, they had rabbits.


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