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Tennessee has apparently decided to do something about overpopulation. The legislature there has just overridden the governor's veto of a bill allowing people to carry handguns in bars.
That's right, what could be dangerous about letting drunks carry loaded weapons? I understand their next step is even bolder. If you have a drink in one hand, you have to have a running chainsaw in the other.

I do not understand the obsession with guns in this country.

I almost typed "I do not understand the obsession with gnus in this country". I could understand an obsession with gnus far more easily.
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There are "conservatives" now trying to claim Bush was a liberal. Not just "not really a conservative", but a liberal.
It is amazing the contortions they'll go through to pretend they aren't utter failures.
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Apparently there's a group of gay republicans that thinks the Log Cabin group has gotten too liberal, so they're splitting off to form their own group "GOProud".

The 3 members that comprise this new group say they hope the 4 they're leaving behind won't be too upset.
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He's apparently complaining that the stimulus bill is a pdf and that you can't search a pdf file. He's also claiming the Democrats did this on purpose to hide things, as though you can't read anything without a search function.

While it is true that some pdf files cannot be searched, Media Matters searched the document and provided the results on their site.

One has to wonder if he's lying or is just ignorant.
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Today is a fun day, Ann Coulter is under investigation for voter fraud, voting in CT while living in NYC.
Connecticut's Elections Enforcement Commission is making a "thorough investigation" of whether the conservative pundit broke the law by voting in the Nutmeg State while living in New York City

The new RNC head, Michael Steele, is under investigation for "among other things ... Steele had his campaign pay more than $35,000 to his sister's company for work that was never performed"
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I was listening to NPR this morning for a few minutes before they pissed me off too much by talking about the "tightening race" and "isn't McCain just super?"

One of the quick news bits at the top of the hour was about Palin's interview. By all accounts she was horrible, however what pissed me off this morning was the way the reporter talked about what she said. At one point he said
"Palin stated she believes humans may be contributing to global warming. In the past she's cast doubt on that."

No, she hasn't. She has no credentials, research or analysis of research where she calls anything into question. She's simply stated that SHE doubts it. This is NOT the same as "casting doubt". When it is phrased that way it implies that she's caused people studying the question to rethink their assumptions or to re-examine their data. All she's done is parrot the empty-headed must-make-money-while-destroying-mankind Right Wing. People can't be the cause or I'd have to change my business practices and that might cost me some of my obscene profits! Where am I going to get the money for my second plane and third trophy wife!?

What a load of shit. NPR has fallen off a cliff in the last decade. They've become just another corporate mouthpiece.


Sep. 11th, 2008 11:52 am
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You know, I like for the most part. Sure, they buy into the panic over Obama a little too much, but they have columnists I like and tend to run stories I enjoy.

However, they keep publishing Camille Paglia (or Camille Schlafly as I like to call her). Normally I'm fine with a publication printing someone with whom I disagree, but not her. Why? Because she's a liar through and through. She claims to be a liberal, but nothing she says other than "I'm a liberal" shows it. It is the "I'm one of you, don't we just SUCK?" that I object to.

Currently her Trojan Horse article's lead-in is "Palin is a feminist! No, really!" Salon should just publish someone who admits to being a right-winger and be done with it. Yes, she only gets printed once a month, but it still irks me. Be honest about who you are.

It does seem to be of a piece with modern conservatism though. Lie, lie about your lies and if you get caught telling the truth, go lie about it in public. Half the neo-conservatives are ex-Stalinists, but they'd never admit that. It would just be nice if the media were acutally interested in presenting the truth instead of providing a platform for these bastards.
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This morning on NPR there was a story about San Francisco. SF is a "sanctuary city". In other words, they don't automatically send every illegal they come across to the Feds for deportation. There was a protest and counter-protest there yesterday, described in the story teaser as a "clash", despite the protest being peaceful, though loud.

On the one side you had hundreds of people from immigrant's rights groups, on the other you had a dozen "Minutemen". You know about the "Minutemen", the idiots who have taken it upon themselves to "patrol" the border with Mexico.

The underlying cause for this appearance by the Asshats, sorry, the Minutemen, was a crime committed by an illegal immigrant. The immigrant in question is a minor who had already been arrested several times for violent crimes. The then committed a triple murder in a drive-by, using an AK-47. Horrible? Yes. Worthy of prison and/or deportation? Sure. However the underlying cause of this crime was not that he was an immigrant or an illegal immigrant.

It isn't as though no American citizen (of any race you care to choose) has ever committed murder. Surely no legal citizen has ever joined a gang or killed someone with a gun or performed a drive-by. I mean, if it weren't for the illegals, there'd be no gun violence or crime in the USA at all!

Using this crime as a prop for their xenophobic, racist crusade makes about as much sense as blaming the British for shipwrecks. It is a complete disconnect, but since so much of this country is completely irrational, they make the connection and get people to agree with them.
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I can't quite believe even Bush is this stupid and yet, he apparently is.

This is the best the Conservatives can do. Why would anyone still call themselves a conservative?
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who responded to my previous post with "WTF".

You want real insanity?

Also from

Two United States Senators...have named themselves as co-sponsors of S. J. RES. 43, dubbed the Marriage Protection Amendment

The Senators? Republicans Larry Craig and David Vitter.
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Apparently Fox put up a graphic of Lincoln and Douglass to illustrate Hillary Clinton challenging Barak Obama to a "Lincoln-Douglas style" debate. Only instead of pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, they put up a graphic of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

Every time I think Fox "News" can't possibly get any worse, they prove me wrong. What the hell is wrong with them? How do they manage to stay on the air? I'm normally an optimistic guy, but things like this make me despair for humanity. I then have to spend lots of time reminding myself that these people are a minority, that demographics and history trend away from Fox and its level of stupidity. They're on the losing side of history or they wouldn't have to "stand astride it, yelling STOP". Fortunately, all they manage is to slow things down occasionally.


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