Jul. 9th, 2009 10:31 am
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What is this "pated" suffix?

Anyone have other "pated" words?


Jun. 9th, 2009 10:43 am
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Is it possible to be better known, but less famous?


May. 1st, 2009 10:49 am
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I read an article on Salon that begins with this sentence

Having stampeded his ill-informed predecessor into a series of catastrophic blunders, it appears that Dick Cheney has declared open bureaucratic war -- the only kind he's ever known how to fight -- upon President Barack Obama.

Do you see anything wrong with it or is it all in my head?

EDIT: Since I'm discussing this with the author, I'd like as many people giving their opinions as possible, even if you echo someone who has already answered, please.

Oh England

Jan. 30th, 2009 04:16 pm
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You disappoint me. Improper English is now apparently quite English.
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For future reference, I'm listing some phrases that have seen some use of late. Perhaps if other people read them, they will gain wider currency.

"Honk the Jutle" - To perform one's morning ablutions. To prepare one's self for the day. A New England regionalism. (not really)

"A Bunny Load" - an inordinate amount - for example, "Carry a Bunny Load" - to attempt to bring all the groceries into the house in one trip, by yourself, no matter how many items there are or how many people there are to help.

Have any others? Tell me and I'll add them to the list.
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I was in the men's room a few minutes ago and heard the janitor talking to a patron. He seemed to be telling the guy about his new grandkid. The Janitor is from somewhere in Europe and told the guy the new kid weighed "4 kilos". The guy paused a second and said "That's like 10 pounds!" The janitor said "no, no, 7 pounds." This went back and forth a time or two and as I was leaving, I couldn't resist. I said "A kilo is 2.2 pounds". They were happy to agree on it.
When I got to the deli to get lunch, I saw the sign said "Main Lobster Bisque" I asked to make sure they meant Maine and they did, so I told them they needed an E.
Yes, I know, I'm a busybody/annoying pain.
However, when I got back to my desk, I wanted to be sure I told people the correct things. I looked up Kilograms to Pounds" on Google and yes, it is a little over 2.2 lbs.
Then I clicked Maps to ensure I'd spelled Maine correctly.
This is what I saw
I thought [livejournal.com profile] head58 would be interested.
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When plans are first being made, they're formative.
When there's only one or two things left to check, they're tentative.
When they're solidified, what are they? Twentytwotative?
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Yesterday I was watching the Packers game on the plane. The big story of the game was Aaron Rodgers succeeding Brett Favre as the starting QB for the Packers.

At one point they listed what happened to the various QBs that replaced legends. They listed a bunch like Namath, Montana, Elway and Marino and the QBs that followed. The announcer, I think it was Ron Jaworski, said

"Each of these situations was unique and this one's no different."

I laughed loud enough that [livejournal.com profile] emilytheslayer heard me over her headphones and asked me what happened.
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From democraticunderground.com

Dino Rossi, Republican candidate for governor of Washington, illustrated the depths that the Republican party has sunk to last week when he announced that he will be identified as a member of the "G.O.P. Party" on the ballot this fall

That's right, he'll be identified as a member of the Grand Old Party Party. Their meetings will be held at DSW Shoes.
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Last night I kept alternating between sex dreams and nightmares. Come to think of it, that'd be a great album name. Anyway, this has been true of the last 2 nights and they keep waking me up. It is all very annoying.

I'd much prefer more dreams like the one I had a few nights ago where I was bicycling through the Philadelphia countryside circa 1770 with Ben Franklin. We were discussing constitutional theory and practice.

Of course that dream left me wondering why they called it a "Constitution". Was this a word in use at the time? Did they create the word from other English words or derive it from Latin? If it was in use at the time, what was it being used for?
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At the Margaritas in Waltham there is a sign that reads

Cinco de Mayo: May 5th only!
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But I can get a powered exo-skeleton! Well, as soon as they start making them for taller people. The most amusing part of the article to me? This thing is wrapped around you and they're calling it the Robot Suit Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) exoskeleton. HAL? Really? I'm going to strap myself into a powered machine named after an insane computer. To make it even better, the company is CYBERDYNE. No news if they'll be starting Skynet soon.


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