Jan. 19th, 2010

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And not only that, I know some artists who read this blog and who like weird animals that actually exist. I thought you might like to know about phylomon.

I haven't read the site thoroughly, but it seems to be an attempt to redo Pokemon with real animals. I don't know if dinosaurs and other extinct animals are allowed, but I'm sure you can find out somewhere on the site. There's a link at the bottom where artists can donate illustrations and I don't think you have to make sure your animal hasn't been done. Just draw animals and submit!


Jan. 19th, 2010 11:38 am
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I know this is later in the day and many of you may have already voted. Just a reminder: vote.
Another reminder: Brown is a birther who said he didn't think Obama's parents were married.
He's a teabagger, he's a creationist, he's anti-gay marriage.
He has the same brilliant ideas for how to get out of the recession that Hoover had for getting out of the Great Depression.
He thinks foreigners don't deserve rights.
He's in favor of torture.
Oh, and he's flat out stated that he'll be the 41st vote against health care reform.
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Coakley, who got more votes all by herself in the primary than all the Republicans who turned out to vote for anyone in the primary, managed to run such a crappy, tone-deaf campaign that she managed to lose.

However, Brown only holds the seat until 2012 and if the Dems put up a decent candidate we could be better off than Coakley being in there forever. If the economy is better, Obama could even have coat-tails again, helping get rid of what could very well be a 2 year Senator.

Yes, bad things could come of this, but the mid-term elections are still 9 months off and this was far more about Coakley actively trying to screw this up than any political realignment.

Here's what could happen as a result if good things come of it.

The Democrats no longer have a faux "Supermajority" to lean on, so they have to pass legislation normally.
Lieberman gets sidelined or even drummed out of the Democratic Party.
The Democrats will have to have some guts to get anything done, so they FINALLY dump Harry Reid from leadership.
In 2 years we get a much better MA Senator, one that is actually liberal!


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